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I'm Amber!
 wife and mama from Southern Minnesota...brrrr!
I love cats, plants, coffee and I quote The Office a whole bunch! ("that's what she said", anyone?)

Engagement, maternity, family and on--I just love documenting the sweet things in life!


I'm just your gal pal
photographer friend!

Originally from Cleveland, OH, I've bee-bopped my way around the states a bit. My hubby and I landed in Southern Minnesota from Sacramento, CA about 6 years ago! An early life of adventure and now 4 kids in tow has contributed deeply to my desire to remember all the sweet stuff on the journey! Photography has been a big part of that journey starting all the way back to the 90's as an elementary kid with a disposable camera! haha!

A love of photography has evolved into a love of storytelling for the people I get to serve. I am devoted to creating a space that allows you to simply BE. My goal is never flawless images, but images that mirror how you FEEL. 

Your life. Your love. Your story.

Whether you're a couple looking to show off THE ring, a mama with a growing baby bump or a family in need of some fresh and loving photos to post (cause let's be honest, we rarely get to the printing process 🤪), I'm here to make the process sweet and stress free!

A little about me....

Never without

My kiddos + coffee ☕️

Future Dreams

Becoming a doula 🤰🏼

probably listening to

A Murder Mystery Podcast ⁉️ or Kid Bible stories ✝️...what a contrast! lol

Coffee order

Ice coffee, pump or two of white mocha, and don't forget the heavy cream! 🧋

Fave things to do

Road trips with my fam 🚗, trying new restaurants 🌮 and laughing with a few of the ladies over drinks! 🧉

Enough about me --
Let's tell YOUR

I'm ready to book!